5 Reasons to always choose an ABTA accredited Travel Agent

5 Reasons to always choose an ABTA accredited Travel Agent

It seems like every 5 minutes there is a news story about how some poor holiday maker has been swindled out of there hard earned cash, a recent report in the Independant showed that on average people are losing £1200 due to holiday fraud, here is how you can avoid getting stung…..

  1. Travel Fraud – bogus travel websites are popping up more and more frequently taking the travelers cash and not providing the services they paid for, ABTA warns that many of these offers that beat others by huge percentages are common warning sign that they may not be genuine, yes there are some bargains to be had but if every flight/stay/package they offer seems too good to be true then it probably is.
  2. Airline – if you book direct with a non accredited airline and they cease trading you could be stuck either at home not able to fly or abroad trying to find and pay for travel home, booking with an accredited travel agent gives you the piece of mind that your travel is covered and you’ll be able to get home, some of the Airlines have there own accreditation but not all!
  3. Disasters and Emergencies – Recent events with in Sharm el-Sheikh and Tunisia and grounding of flights from Mexico due to tropical storms have left travellers stranded for days, those that were booked through accredited agents did not have to worry as the extra cost of accommodation or alternative flights home were covered by ATOL
  4. ABTA members are bound by a strict code of conduct and will give you clear coherent advice about what you are covered for when booking so you know what you are covered for.
  5. When booking a stay with an ABTA accredited agent if what you are sold is not as described you have some recourse through ABTA.

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