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If you need to contact World Track Travel you can either telephone or email us using the details below. For answers to commonly asked questions, take a look at our FAQ’s listed below.

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support4For answers to commonly asked questions, take a look at our FAQ’s below


Frequently Asked Questions


The maximum free baggage allowance is always printed on your ticket. However below is a guideline: Within Europe 20 Kilos (44blbs) on a Scheduled Airline, 15 > 20 kilos on a Charter Airline plus 1 piece of hand luggage (approximately 10 Kilos). Long haul via Eastern Hemisphere 20 kilos (44lbs) plus 1 piece of hand luggage (approximately 10 kilos). Long haul via Western Hemisphere 2 pieces of luggage, the maximum weight of each piece must not exceed 32 kilos.

Recommended check in times are 3 hours prior to departure for international flights and 2 hours for European flights. Don’t forget to allow time to get from the train, coach station, or car park to the check in desk. Many airports no longer use public address systems, so remember to watch the information screens for details of your flight. Airlines will not accept that your train was late, or your taxi was caught up in traffic. Ensure that you leave in good time for your flights, and check traffic reports before leaving.


All Group Bookings should be made directly with us on the phone or by email at

Group discounts usually apply on bookings of 10 passengers or more.

All special requests should be made at the time of booking, or by telephoning our sales team on 0870 499 0140. We will do all possible to assist you.

We’re very sorry if you are unhappy with any part of your experience with World Track Travel. If you would like make a complaint, please put this in writing and email us at We will do whatever we can to resolve the problem.


It varies whether you can change your reservation depending on the booking type you have. You can find out if you can change your booking by checking the invoice we sent you when you booked which states the restrictions of the booking. If you are not sure, send us an Email or call us and we will happily assist you.

Always treat airline tickets, as you would cash. Some airlines will replace lost tickets by the indemnity system, whereby you will receive a replacement ticket on signing a guarantee to pay the airline should the lost ticket be used fraudulently and cause loss to the airline. Other airlines however do not use this system, and will insist on you repurchasing your ticket at the local rate and will only refund the original after 12 > 18 months. Whilst other airlines will simply charge a re-issue fee of £40-60 approximately. It is recommended that you keep a record of your tickets numbers on a separate piece of paper.

When you book with World Track Travel, we will send you an E-mail confirmation with a summary of the booking you have made the same day. You will then receive a confirmation invoice, ATOL receipt, itinerary, flight check-list and any other relevant information in the post within 3 working days. If you do not receive your confirmation invoice in a reasonable time, please contact us ASAP either by E-mail or phone informing us of this, as we may have your address incorrectly or your confirmation documents may of got lost in the post. In which case we will send you the documents again. Flight tickets are usually posted 2 weeks prior to departure, sometimes sooner. if you are travelling within the next week or sooner and you still haven’t received you flight tickets and nobody from World Track Travel has been in contact with you then please call us ASAP. If you are not travelling for quite some time, but would like to be in possession of your flight tickets, let us know by either E-mail or phone and we will despatch your flight tickets and other travel documentation to you earlier on your request.

If any part of your name is spelt incorrectly on your travel documents it is imperative that you contact us ASAP. If there is only a single letter wrong on your documents, i.e. ‘John’ is spelt ‘Jon’, then this will not pose a problem for you, but you must inform us anyway as we will need to contact the airline and make them aware of this error. we will also send you a letter either by post or E-mail giving you confirmation and assurance that the airline has been made aware the error. Once tickets are issued then we can not make name changes, so it is your responsibility to check your confirmation/invoice for any errors or omissions. World Track Trave will accept no liabilities for wrong names where you have not exercised diligence in checking your confirmation invoice. In some cases the documents may need to be re-issued. In which case, you will need to send the travel documents back to World Track Travel by registered post. World Track Travel will reimburse any postal charges incurred, dependant on the circumstances.

When booking an airline ticket, holiday package, in the past you will have been used to receiving an airline ticket, which is then presented at the airport check-in desk. However, in line with many airlines policy of moving to Electronic Tickets (E-Ticketing) it is now no longer necessary to worry about the issuing of this document, you now simply go to check-in, present your issued itinerary and passport and your boarding card will be issued. Just ensure that you have the following paperwork with you when you go to check-in (all of which you would normally carry with you anyway). * Your ITINERARY. * The PASSPORT for all passengers travelling. * Visa or Transit Visa if required.

If you decide that you no longer wish to travel, or due to unforeseen circumstances you are unable to travel we will cancel your travel arrangements once we have received written confirmation from the lead name by either E-mail or post. Refunds if applicable take approximately 8 weeks to process with airlines. If you cancel before your flight tickets have been issued you will receive a full refund, less an administration fee. If you cancel after tickets have been issued, World Track Travel will charge a £40 administration fee & cancellation penalties imposed by the airline will also apply. You can find out if any cancellation fee/s apply to your particular booking by checking on the invoice we sent you when you booked. If you took out travel Insurance you may be able to claim any cancellation fee/s incurred, within the restrictions of your policy.

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