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If you need to contact World Track Travel you can either telephone or email us using the details below. For answers to commonly asked questions, take a look at our FAQ’s listed below.

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Frequently Asked Questions


All Group Bookings should be made directly with us on the phone or by email at info@world-track.co.uk.

Group discounts usually apply on bookings of 10 passengers or more.

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Always treat airline tickets, as you would cash. Some airlines will replace lost tickets by the indemnity system, whereby you will receive a replacement ticket on signing a guarantee to pay the airline should the lost ticket be used fraudulently and cause loss to the airline. Other airlines however do not use this system, and will insist on you repurchasing your ticket at the local rate and will only refund the original after 12 > 18 months. Whilst other airlines will simply charge a re-issue fee of £40-60 approximately. It is recommended that you keep a record of your tickets numbers on a separate piece of paper.

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All special requests should be made at the time of booking, or by telephoning our sales team on 0870 499 0140. We will do all possible to assist you.

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